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 Excenomics is a new global interdisciplinary discipline conceived and developed by Dr Prateep V Philip  that integrates study of excellence and economics, management sciences and education into a harmonic, dynamic and workable model of human development. It helps the holistic development of individual excellence vis-à – vis the development of human societies.  

 The essential principle of Excenomics is that if individual excellence is strived in all actions, its impact would be palpable in societal striving for excellence. This would provide a universal remedy for all the problems witnessed today in the world, be it social, economic, intellectual, spiritual, emotional or psychological.  

 Every discipline such as education, social sciences, management, economics, political science, law, psychology, medicine, sciences, engineering, media, etc., should actively strive to inculcate values of excellence in to each student, teacher and practitioner. In other words, excenomics institute seeks a fusion of the different disciplines in order to ensure human growth and development with equity   

 Excenomics emphasizes and focusses on Human Capital formation as the source of value creation and well being.  Human development and investments in education and training should be given as much if not more importance than the primacy attached to capital hitherto for the success of any human enterprise.   

 The process of excellence is broken into these steps: YEARNING FOR EXCELLENCE leads to Learning which in turn leads to earning.  As such an even higher rate of economic advance for the individual, companies, societies and nations will be attained if this process is replicated universally than the current obsession with the profits or  bottomline.  It is in brief based on a counter-intuitive logic. 

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